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Award winning filmmaker from South Wales. Professional services in film and photography production for customers and clients based in Wales and the wider UK.

Onwards and Upwards


Onwards and Upwards

Gabriella Lewis

So my time at Cannes has drawn a curtain, and reflecting back on my experience it is safe to say I have been blown away in every capacity. As a film entrepreneur this experience has been captivating, eye opening, inspiring, challenging and all together surreal. Being able to showcase 2 of my most dearest films was a complete honour and receiving such positive feedback made every stress and struggle during each film's production so much more worthwhile! 

I was able to talk to fellow filmmakers and share experiences, having the luxury to rub shoulders with people of influence and creative magnitude. The filmmaker world that to many seems alien and misunderstood, was more of a reality than I have ever experienced before. It was real and it was invading my life in every which way, and I loved it.

Interning for my most favoured Hollywood company, Paramount Pictures, was full of challenges, curves and adventure; it presented the biggest growth I have attained thus far as a filmmaker. In moving forward I will continue to peruse bigger and better things to sustain and fuel my burning desire to elevate into this industry of creative madness. 

To conclude, I have attached a few images I managed to capture during my hectic 2 weeks during the festival's proceeding.