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Award winning filmmaker from South Wales. Professional services in film and photography production for customers and clients based in Wales and the wider UK.




Gabriella Lewis

So I am off to Cannes Film Festival in less than 2 weeks! This seems crazy and surreal, and I don't think the news will hit me properly until I arrive at the airport! Last minute preparations are in full swing, where I have been able to organise all I need to at this stage. Business cards and all the conventional networking gear are locked, loaded and ready to fire at will.

My time will be spent interning with a notable film company, whilst also finding time to dine with the film industry elite at networking parties and film screenings. I expect this opportunity is going to blow my mind in every capacity and I am happy for that to be the case!

To further add, 2 of my films have been selected to screen in a separate film event at Cannes festival. This is a very exciting prospect and I will look forward to getting both films some extra exposure in the world's hotbed for young filmmaker recognition.

I'm sure there will be many updates to follow, along with photos and videos of all things Cannes.

Exciting times ahead!